at Zebra River Lodge

Hike with the mountain zebras

At Zebra River Lodge we have nearly unlimited trails for hiking and MTB, depending on your mood an fitness. There are marked trails on the 12600 ha of pure nature but you can also take the various one, formed by the hooves of the mountain zebras, but do not loose orientation, we recommend taking a map and a GPS with you.

Our trails are between 3 and 16km long (some can be combined), from a nice relaxing stroll to adventurous and challenging trails with pushing/climbing parts and technical downhills, but all have one thing in common – our breathtaking scenery, the silence and if you are lucky encountering our residents like mountain zebras, kudus, klipspringers, rock hyrax and the many more….

How long/difficult are our trails?

We have short and easy trails for a morning or afternoon stroll or if you arrived and need some exercise. If you have more time and a higher fitness level, we can offer different trails for all your needs. They have one thing in common, the views are spectacular! And if you are lucky, you can meet the kudu, klipspringer, mountain zebras and many more.

An overview about our trails

At Zebra River Lodge we have 12600ha of pure nature available for activities, we are always trying to add some more experiences to our portfolio!


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