at Zebra River Lodge

The Scenic Drive trail


The Scenic Drive trail is an easy trail that starts and ends at the lodge and on average takes +/- 3 hrs.

Length: 11.6 km

Duration: +/- 3 hours

Ascend: 170m

In case you skip the sundowner point, the trail is 1.8km shorter, but you would miss a spectacular view!


To start the trail, leave the lodge towards the airstrip, follow the road to the exit of Zebra River farm. Turn left at about the end of the airstrip, following the jeep track. When crossing the next riverbed, you can visit the fossils on the left hand side. Go ahead, when you reach a turn-off to the left, keep straight ahead, the riverbed of the Zebra Rive to your right. Shortly after you crossed the riverbed you will see a turnoff through a fence to you right, follow the jeep track trough the fence, turning sharp right. The track is sloping through the mountains, offering stunning views. After 1.6km you have a turn-off to the left, but stay straight. Another km later you will find the turn-off to the sundowner place on the right-hand side, getting there and back is 1.8km, the extra effort will be rewarded with awesome views. When you are back, turn right towards JP’s house, to the right again, following the road towards the lodge.





Trail suitable for: