at Zebra River Lodge

Hiking the Kudu Loop trail


The Kudu Loop is a loop trail that starts and ends at the lodge and on average takes +/- 5 hrs.

Length: 15 km

Duration: +/- 5 hours

Ascend: 300m

The Kudu Loop is an extension of the Ridgeway trail and is +/- 3.5 hours longer.


To start either of the walks, leave the lodge towards the airstrip, on the left side of the first yellow airbag follow the car tracks down to the Zebra River.  Cross the dry river bed and immediately you get to the other bank there is a marker on to your right.  Leave the car track and follow the white arrows to your right onto the ridge opposite the lodge. The walk continues following along the path and arrows to the Zebra River for about 40/60 minutes.

After about 40/60 minutes you will come to a point where there are two marked cairns. The one on the right leads you down to the Zebra River and the walk continues back towards the lodge along the river-bed.  This is a good walk for bird watching in the summer and early morning as you can sit on the ridge and look down on the vegetation in the river.

For the Kudu loop, follow the other set of cairns/arrows and continue onward eventually turning left into a large canyon.  The path now follows the line of the water course along the canyon floor and then at a dry waterfall steeply up to the rim of the canyon.  The path now goes off to the right along a game trail.  After about 15 minutes the path starts to climb steadily to your left to the highest point of the walk – about 1700 meters above sea level.  When you get here you have probably walked about 2-3 hours.  After a rest at the top, follow the cairns downward until you reach a very steep section.  There are no cairns here but below you, you can see a car track.  Pick your way down the slope carefully to the track and then turn right and follow it all the way back to the lodge.



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