Mountain Biking

at Zebra River Lodge

Mountain Biking to Gail's Cave


The ride to Gail’s Cave is a easy trail that starts and ends at the lodge and on average takes +/- x.x hrs.

Length: 4.2km

Duration: +/- x.x hours

Ascend: 50m



To start the ride, leave the lodge towards the airstrip, on the left side of the first yellow airbag follow the car tracks down to the Zebra River.  Cross the dry river bed (deep sand and rocks) and immediately you get to the other bank there is a marker on to your left.  Follow the car track riding slightly uphill but still easy, only a few trenches to cross. You will pass the little blue tractor on your way to Gail’s Cave. Either you turn left (see markers) or proceed towards the cave you will be able to spot in front of you, a little to the left-hand side. After enjoying the view at the cave ride back to the tractor, afterwards you can either follow the markers alongside the ridge towards the sundowner point. From there to go back to the lodge, follow the markers down the little gorge (you have to push/carry your MTB) back to the lodge ending on the airstrip below you.  Take care that you have enough light to come down the little gorge. The other option is to take the same way back which is easier.  This ride will take you about x.x hour – depending the time you want to sit and relax



Map of Gail's Cave Trail at Zebra River Lodge

Trail suitable for: