at Zebra River Lodge

Hiking to Klipspringer spring


The hike to Klipspringer spring is an easy trail on a car track, after 8km you reach the spring under a giant fig tree, asking you to rest and enjoy before you walk back the same way.

Length: 16km

Duration: +/- 4.5 hours

Ascend: 40m



  • Start at the lodge, passing the campsites and after about 900 meters turn left following the painted markers.
  • Just follow the tracks, passing a few little riverbeds, going through an old fence and gate.
  • After 4.5 km you will reach the split in the track.

Klipspringer spring:

  • Turn right according the name marker and follow the track into the canyon, river on your righthand side
  • You will cross little riverbeds twice and the road ends at a parking area alongside a small tree after another 3.5 km
  • Follow the markers left at the parking area to the little trail and after about 60 meters, cross the river bed (follow markers), another +/- 200 meters- river on you left – you reach the spring with shady old fig trees
  • After a good rest and a lot of pics taken turn around and walk back to the lodge



Map of Klipspringer Spring Trail at Zebra River Lodge

Trail suitable for: